Big moments. 

Okay, almost everything is done for bringing the kickstarter project on the finish lane. Only one thing needs to be done: drilling the kicker shaft whole in the right crankshaft case lid. This is the only work, that’ll be done by a pro wrencher.

He’ll fix the crankshaft case without the lid and figures out the right position of the drill by centering it to the related drillholes in the crankshaft case. Once the position is fixed, the lid is mounted fairly and the the drill is driven towards the mounted lid. This is supposed to be the most precise way of defining the right place for the hole. The Zilver4FourT team is very excited about the final result.

Hereafter, we’ll disassemble all, reassemble the kicker shaft, assemble the crankshaft case using fluid gasket, Mount oil seals, and the lid with fresh paper gaskets.

Here we go. After that you can either hear me crying (didn’t work, oil leaking) or being happy!

Hang on for a sec, I’ll let you know.


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