Carburettor. Motorcycle’s clockwork.

Disassembling and cleaning a carb is basic for the understanding, how a classic motorcyle’s engine works.


Have you ever opened a carburettor? If no, you should do. Its heart is cast in one piece and it is full of surprise: canals, openings, drillholes. Moving parts and those, being fixed. I was ever curious, how the main housing of a carb is being built. And after my work on the carbs, I still am.

After loosening the first screws I knew where most of my Z440’s starting problems came from: 30+ years old mud, damaged diaphragm in the carb’s top dome,… How the frack did this lovely two wheeler take me this far?  Beg your pardon, Zilver4FourT. I’ll do better in future.

I took the whole thing into parts and cleaned, scrubbed it and bathed it in hot a household acid, as I read on a recommendable website. I love alternatives to pure chemical products.

A few parts of the twin-carb need to be replaced. I’ll go out for a little research.
Hold on for a sec.

I’ll be back.

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