New insights.

Today, I ripped of the rest of the Zilver4FourT engine’s bodywork – side covers at the right and left side, engine still mounted to the frame. And I removed the pistons. I also measured the cylinder bore. I can finally say that 30k k is nothing a rider has to worry about – the bore is less than 0,1 mm wider than 33 years ago. Only the cross grinding at the interior cylinder wall went off. This is important for lubrifying the cylinder bearing surface.

The Most Important Insight

Pretty cool, my kickstarter project seems to work, everything at the interior crankshaftcase is perfectly arranged for my conversion, thank you, Kawasaki! Also the clutch is in good condition which is good news.

Some of you might have sen my two-wheeler live, it used to look a little shabby and rusty from the outside. The surprising fact about an engines interior is that it looks actually quite well, even though the exterior sucks. Great! đŸ™‚

Today was a short wrenching sunday, cold as well.

Hang on for a sec. I’ll be back.


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