Hands on: my ’83 Z 440 ltd belt drive on the operating table

A first glance into my ZilverFour4T’s powercell.


Cold Sundays and stormy skies are always good for start working on something. So did I. This days’ scope was to demount the cylinderhead, the cylinder and the pistons for having a first glance on — probably the first one since the original assembly at the the Kawasaki factory in 1983.

Also I wanted to find out about how close my project is to the kickstart scope I am dreaming of. To anticipate it:  it’s pretty close!

After the fuel tank was taken off and the ignition coil was swung out my work range, I started demountig the carburetor line. (Blog about cleaning the carbs follows up).

For demountig the cylinder head by losing the bolts, I urgently recommend a diagonal losening plan (if you have four bolts at four rectangularly positioned corners ABCD, follow the row AC-BD or equivalent) for the Z 440’s head is well known for being vulnerable to twisting.

To make a long story short:

  • the status quo underneath the cylinder head lid looked pretty well, almost no wear at cams, bearing surface of the rocker arms and camshaft.
  • the status underneath the cylinder head looked like a horror story, a strong layer of oil carbon covered the surfaces of the combustion chamber!
  • the cylinder bearing surface looked well with only few wear at front and rear surface.
  • the pistons looked also well besides the piston crown (heavy oil carbon), visible wear at front and rear face.
  • the piston rings at top and mid looked okay BUT the oil seal ring.. did it have any minor job to do? It seemed to be almost completely broken down. This could be an explanation for the strong oil carbon layer in the combustion chamber.

All in all, my brother and me have spent a joking and successful afternoon in the workshop. Lots of news. Tons of fresh assignments to our to-do list.

Hang on for a sec. I’ll be back.

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