Parts I need.

Receiving first major important parts. The project can’t be stopped anymore. Unless it will be “trumped”.


Finding matching parts for an mid old motorcycle can be hard.

There’s an original Kawasaki website, where you can find all partnumbers and referring exploded technical drawings. If you have got a basic technical understanding, it will be enormously helpful answering the question of e.g. how disassembly works or how this powerplant works in general. 

A few months ago, i got into contact with a guy, who had a couple of spare parts that I needed. He sent it over to my place with the message: keep what you need and pay later. Great!

I received a perfectly packed parcel with a more than basic content. I’ll keep it all, man! It’s a perfect beginning of converting a nearly 40 y.o. MC. But where to take all the other parts from? Which other model of Kawasaki Motorcycles uses the same kickstart spring e.g.?

It’s a detective’s works to find out about and the blogs are full of almost no help, because people are asking more than they could contribute. But anyway, I’ll go ahead.

Hang on for a sec. I’ll be back.


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